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Customized Yoga Designed for Hockey Players

Does your player have the ability to consistently perform at the level they are capable of in competition?
Mental Toughness
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Mental Toughness is a broad term used when referring to players who struggle with consistency. Yoga offers the opportunity to develop the skills required to be more consistent, empowering players in their pursuit of professional or university level hockey.

Mental training through yoga empowers players with tools that can benefits them in their daily lives.

Slow Flow through easy & gentle movements, in a relaxed state!
Active Recovery
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Active recovery is essential for elite hockey players. Not only will players recover tissues & increase mobility for improved performance but they will also prevent future injury!

These 1 hr, customized, yoga for hockey sessions are ideal post-game-practice or workout. Available live through zoom for convenience!

Return to baseline
Rest & Repair
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The ability to down regulate is essential for hockey players to stay healthy & maintain performance after high-stake competition. Players will practice how to return their mind & body, back to baseline after repeated stress.

These hockey relatable yoga sessions are ideal post tryout - tournament or during play-offs.

Build Physical Power By Increasing Strength & Flexibility!
Strength & Flexibility
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Yogi4hockey customized training will significantly improve a players overall strength & flexibility. Upon completion, players will notice an increase in speed, more explosive movement, a harder shot & lengthening in their body.

Ideal cross training in the off - season or for younger players who are not ready to weight train.

Move more fluidly, explosively & efficiently on the ice!
Balance & Stability
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Customized yoga for hockey increases speed & strength while providing unique challenges similar to what players face in a game. Train to move quicker, with more agility & maintain puck control while balancing, no matter what is happening around them.

The perfect challenge for those who have already developed a good base of strength & flexibility. Great during the season to enhance on-ice performance.

Learning to maintain agility will enhance a players performance significantly!
Power & Agility
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Athletes will develop agility through static movement, powered from the core. Players will learn muscle activation, focus on intentional movement & enhance mind-muscle connection. A fun practice, learning to transition from one posture to another while maintaining balance & steadiness.

Great for team building, game day & pre-workout.

Learn how to maintain agility while keeping your balance!
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The ability to make coordinated, precise movements comes from combining three essential physical skills with knowing where you are in space. In these sessions, please will learn how to maintain agility while keeping their balance!

Cultivating mindfulness training. 
Reflect & Restore
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Hockey players often lose touch with their bodies needs due to life's many distractions. Bringing awareness & learning to listen to the body is vital for players whose goal is to become a professional hockey player. 

Valuable benefits to gain anytime during a players training cycle

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