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Get to know me.....

I am a proud mother of two teenage boys & have been a life long entrepreneur since 2002. I am well known for my passion & determination. I am self motivated, & always look for the positive in the most difficult times. I have a natural ability to inspire others with my resilience despite the struggles I've faced. I'm extremely resourceful, a skilled networker, have a very creative mind & can solve just about any problem presented to me. My dedication is unmatched & they say my infectious smile lights up a room :)

My passions are yoga, photography, travelling & living a healthy lifestyle. Admittedly there are many things in my life that did not go as I had imagined however I learned to set new goals! Now my dreams are bigger than ever! I hope you will follow along & join me throughout my journey to sail around the world, teaching yoga & documenting the entire experience!

My Mission

I aim to use my life experiences & education to provide inspiration, set an example & offer authentic connection with my clients. As a Sup Yoga Instructor with the Rocky Mountains at my doorstep there is so much opportunity for us to share adventure, serenity, peace & develop as we to explore the gift of nature. 


Whether you are on holidays, need a day trip, are an NHL hockey player, victim of domestic violence, young, old, male, female, suffering from PTSD, ADHD, or simply hoping to relieve stress, relax or have FUN, Yoga & SUP can help tremendously if you are willing to have an open mind & take action. 

Ultimately my mission is to cultivate change in our struggling society so families everywhere, are empowered with the tools & life skills to end the trauma cycle, self-regulate & children can 

optimize their potential & pursue their dreams in peace.


Making the world a better place.....

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