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Yogi4hockey Academy

Specialized Recovery For Hockey

Yogi4hockey Academy's Recovery Program is for players who are truly serious about optimizing their lifestyle in effort to propel their development & performance to the next level.

Below is an overview of proven, effective & researched recovery strategies Yogi4hockey Academy offers. 



Slow Flow Active Recovery

Active recovery is essential for elite hockey players. Slowly flowing through easy & gentle movements, in a relaxed state will improve circulation, helping the body to repair & refuel faster. In addition to recovering tissues, players will increase mobility for improved

future performance and prevent injuries at the same time! 


Yogi4hockey also offers a dynamic mobility series which is optimal for rest days! Check it out by following this link

Nervous System

Nervous System

Back to Baseline - Rest & Repair

The ability to down regulate the mind & the body is essential for hockey players to stay healthy & maintain performance throughout the duration of the season.


Players will learn how to return both their mind & body, back to baseline & grow after repeated stress of training & competition.

The goal of this recovery strategy is to focus on purposefully decreasing arousal levels to get into a parasympathetic state & relax using techniques such as breathing & mindfulness.