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Terminology & Definitions


SUP Paddle Board Equipment

Learn all about stand up paddle board equipment from board types, materials, iSUP inflatables, fins, deck pads, paddles & much more!

SUP Paddle Board Types

Are you confused about what type of stand up paddle board to get? Learn the basics & terminology to get your started in the right direction! There are MANY variations to choose from & this will help plan ahead before buying & decide what might be best suited for you!

SUP Safety

Learn terminology for SUP Safety & what safety gear you require for how you choose to enjoy stand up paddle boarding!

SUP Skills

Educate yourself about the different skills required to stand up paddle board efficiently to enhance your enjoyment on the water.

SUP Style

Become familiar with all the different styles of stand up paddle boarding! Whether you like fish, surf or practice yoga with your dog!
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